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Lisa Zigweid

Coaster Count:
I've stopped counting. My main focus is riding historical wooden coasters and rides built by Gravity Group.

First Coaster:
Monster Mouse (Oaks Park1977). The Jantzen Beach Big Dipper was almost my first coaster.

Top 4 Wooden Coasters:
Ravine Flyer II (Waldameer)
Raven (Holiday World)
Tremors (Silverwood)
Jack Rabbit (Kennywood)

Favorite Coaster Event:
I have 2. Coaster Alley Convergence (Silverwood 2005), and ACE Summer Con (2010).

Top 3 Favorite Parks:
Kennywood, Holiday World, and Disneyland

Coaster Collections:
I collect black and white photos, postcards, books, brochures, and paintings of defunct (and current) Northwest fairs, parks and coasters, Vintage Chein wind-up toys, Mr Christmas amusement ride models, coaster t-shirts, and other souvenirs from parks around the country.

ACE Involvement:
Joined ACE in 1999, Northwest Regional Rep (2011-present), ACE History Committee member (2010-present), and Assistant Regional Rep (2010-2011)

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Lisa Zigweid

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